Trail building help required!

Volunteer trail building at Swindon.The Croft Trail exist as the result of volunteers. It was designed and built by volunteers and ongoing development and maintenance depends on people giving up their time to help. The build diary shows what they’ve been up to.

After the worst summer on records in terms of rain and another hard winter the trail has held up remarkably well. However, we urgently need to get out there and fix some potholes and damaged sections before the  Prospect ride and the Hargroves demo day.

Our event calendar is very full so we’ve had to squeeze three days in.

We really need your help on these days to make sure that we get the important jobs done in time!

As with all of our build days you can turn up and leave whenever you feel like it. They’re a good social occasion and you can as much or as little as you want. More info about build days.

If you fancy some midweek trail build then we’re also doing some work at Mudtrek in March.

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