Trail build update 3rd April 2010

We’ve been busy down at the trail recently. The new start route was opened a few weeks ago, but there were still a few jobs left to do.

We bypassed the pointless loop on the old Blue route. The gravel has been dug out of this part and it’s been filled back in with mud.

Similarly, the defunct section of the old start has now been dug out and filled back in with mud. These sections will grow back over when spring takes hold.

We’ve built an artificial hedge to block off the hole in the hedge where the Blue route used to come back in.

With the recent heavy rain we’ve been pleased to see that the newly built sections are working really well. Sadly, some of the original Blue route is not standing up so well. We inherited this and have found in some places that the material is only 10mm thick. So we’re going to have to reinforce these bits in the future. We spent some time burying concrete slabs under one part that was in the middle of a bog.

We’ve made a start on the berms for the new Red section. The corners are marked out and we think it’s going to be really nice to ride when it’s finished. We’ve been moving material from the original berms (now unused), so another old section is being returned to nature.

We hope to make significant progress on the new Red section in April.


New start standing up to wet weather well.
Mountain bike trail with water.

Old woodwork waiting to be moved to new location.

Woodwork at Croft Trail, Swindon.

New bridge taking shape.
Wooden bridge at Croft Trail, Swindon.

Drainage improvements.
Water and drainage work at MBSwindon trails.
Using concrete slabs and bricks to reinforce trail.

Old trail.
Old trail.

Artificial hedge.
Artificial hedge.

New berm is marked out.
Marking out berm location.

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