April build day #1.

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The new start loop will be complete by the end of March.

This means that we can turn our attention to the far more interesting new Red section in April.

There’s loads of things planned for this area:

  • big bermed switchbacks down the hill
  • boardwalk sections moved from the old route
  • rock features
  • big bridge over the ditch

We’ll meet at around 10am in the car park¬† (opposite Nationwide HQ on Piper’s Way).¬† If you turn up later then walk round the new start until you get to the big pile of rocks and we’ll be down the hill there. Otherwise you can call us on 07010036444.

Useful tools include spade, mattock, pick axe, saw, wheebarrow. We’ve got quite a lot of tools between us so don’t worry if you can’t bring any.