Trail build news – The Big Push

Some new trail in 2010.
New trail in 2010.

We spent several months over the winter of 2010 surfacing and reinforcing existing sections of trail. Since the warmer weather the trail has dried out and is in great shape for riding.

The hard work has paid off – the trail is really fun to ride at the moment.

We’re in such a good mood that we’ve decided to get on with a new section of trail. This is on Piper’s hill just after the rock step climb. See the map below. This is going to add a new climb and a swoopy downhill.

Planned route extension for Croft Trails, Swindon.

The Big Push

Last year we built a similar length of trail in a similar length of time (one evening and one build weekend). See the build report #1 and build report #2 with videos.

Cake butler.
Cake butler.

Everyone is welcome at the build days. Feel free to turn up and leave whenever you want. There’s usually cakes and we have a good social. For more information take a look at our build day guide.

Lolly stop.
Break time.

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