Trail build report: tidy up, new line and triangle exit

This was a low key trail tidy session.

We started out by blocking a potential short cut on Piper’s hill with branches. The step jump then received a tune up. After that we removed some neck level wire from an old fence that was a bit close to the trail down near the triangle. We replaced it with more branches to block a short cut off the trail.

Jump tune up at MTB trail.
Jump tune up.

Then we did some more work on the triangle exit rock. This had already been built up on the previous build day but some of the rocks had slipped. We rebuilt the top level with some bulkier rocks and ended up with a much better feature.

Rock feature at MTB trail.
Rock feature is now bigger.

Then we moved on to look at a new option for the trail. We cut back undergrowth to reveal a new line. This goes higher after two big berms and will give a longer, straighter run down the hill. We’re going to build a few wooden jumps along this line.

Cutting new trail.
Jez incestigating* the new line (*new word).

We drained out a puddle on the main track round the site (near the pond).

Drained puddle.
There it was. Gone.

Finally some wheel barrow wheels were fixed following a trip to Bell Tyres.

Wheel barrow fleet.
Wheel barrow fleet.

See the full build diary. Future build events are listed on the events calendar.

Massive mtb jump.
Massive jump.
MTB trail build progress map.

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