Club ride: The Brechfa Monster

Brechfa trails are located in Wales not far from Llandovery. In total there’s 51km of surfaced trail broken down as follows [google map distances]:

  • Derwen trail Green: 9.2km (5.7 miles) [9.5km] 506m
  • Derwen trail Blue 4.7km (2.9 miles) [4.5km] 307m
  • Raven Black route 18.5km (11.5 miles) [18.4km] 725m
  • Abergorlech Red route 19km (11.8 miles) [18.3km] 506m
  • Total route length 51.4km (31.9 miles) [50.7km] 2044m
  • Combined Green and Blue 13.9km (8.6 miles) [14km] 813m
  • Combined Raven and Abergorlech 37.5km (23.3 miles) [36.7km] 1231m

Trail map pdf.

Brechfa Trail Route Map
Brechfa MTB Trail Routes
Brechfa Monster Route Map
Brechfa Monster MTB route Google Maps

The Abergorlech Red route starts from the car park near the village of Abergorlech, whilst the Raven Black, Green and Blue start from another car park. The Drop Off Cafe bus is parked in the second car park (Dropoff bus Facebook group).

The Black route isn’t really any more extreme than the Red route. It’s just got more steep climbing and several optional planks and logs.

I’ve invented a route that combines the Raven Black with a bit of the Blue (more interesting climb) and the Green loop (can be ridden really fast). That gives 24.6km (15.3 miles). If the Abergorlech route is added on then it becomes 42km (26.1 miles). It can be taken to 47km by doing the Blue loop again (worth it for the descent). Another little loop near the start will take it to 50km. I’ve called it Tom’s Brechfa Monster.

We’ll be meeting at the Drop Off cafe bus car park for 10am.
Google map marker of start location.

Bring food and water. The cafe does sell water, tea, cakes and can make breakfast baps, but you will need stuff on the ride.

A ride like this will require a decent level of fitness – there’s going to be around 150m of climbing. I’d reckon on it taking 4 or 5 hours.

Bunk Barn

We’re looking into staying over at the Brechfa Bunkhouse on the Saturday night.

If you want to book a place then contact tom at mbswindon co uk or post on the forum.

Photos of Brechfa trails.

Brechfa Berm. Brechfa climb 2
Brechfa first descent. Misty Brechfa.
Brechfa Raven 20th July 2008 Brechfa Raven 20th July 2008
Brechfa Raven 20th July 2008 Brechfa Raven 20th July 2008
Brechfa_31st_May_2010 011 Brechfa Raven 20th July 2008

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  1. aaron tayler

    hi was thinking about coming along on sunday didnt no if there was any space with anyone or even to come down sat and stay

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