Ride report: Wyre Forest April 2011

Our previous Wyre Forest trip was voted as one of the top three events from our 2010 ride calendar. The reason for this is that the Forest offers a lot of natural single track, several steep descents, rocks, drop offs, rooty sections, narrow paths along steep hill sides and swoopy bits.

Once again we were not dissapointed.

MBSwindon riders in the Wyre Forest.
A few minutes in.

We set out from the Old New Inn (previously the New Old Old New Inn) at 10:30pm. Our host for the day was Sarah Peters from the Wyre Forest riders group, ably assisted by Graham and Tony. We had 21 riders in total.

The first interesting challenge was a two plank bridge over a river that had a perfect wheel sized gap between the planks.

Sarah was keen to take us down all the good bits whilst we were fresh due to the really dry conditions. After crossing the road we were treated to a lot of twisting single track with a gradual descent.

This then took us to a really good downhill section (Camber). Some of the group did this twice.

Riding at Wyre Forest.
Mike on descent.

About a third of the group then had a play on the three bears section. This starts out as a really narrow track that traverses the side of the hill above a large drop. Our tour guide inconsiderately decided to crash at this point, landing on her head.

Whilst Sarah collected her thoughts then the volunteers continued to the steepest section – this drops down off some rocks and onto a steep mud descent. There were various combinations of attempts and successes on this.

Sarah decided that it was best to retreat home, leaving the deputies Graham and Tony to keep the show on the road.

MBSwindon rider on steep rocks.
Gary on 3 bears.
MBSwindon club rider on steep slope in Wyre Forest.
James on descent.

Next we climbed back up the hill towards the caravan park and followed another great traverse. This ended up with the steep section back down the to track.

After that we crossed over the river and followed the old railway line before climbing up to the visitor centre. We stopped there for water and ice creams.

The secret garden section was tackled next. Riders were so keen that they hit the first rock step really hard and collectively we had about 10 punctures. Some people had snake bites front and rear.

MB Swinon rider in the Wyre Forest.
Ben on Secret Garden step.

The route continued back to the old railway, along a bit and then down over the concrete foot bridge. The steps off the end of this were another entertaining challenge.

Ben collected a pinch-flat on the steps – see the photo.

After the climb back up the group split slightly, with the sprightly members opting for a longer option. Tony was not keen to visit the helipad (really good rock gulley and steep bit onto track). It turned out that he’d broken his finger there on a previous visit and had places to go during the following week. Fair enough, it saved us a descent and the 1 mile climb (a climb that’s, er, 1 mile long).

Rider from MBSwindon on some steps.
Sharon on the steps.

The return route retraced the outward route. This time someone did put their rear wheel through the gap on the 2 plank bridge. I could hear the laughter from a fair distance.

We finished off with a food and beer session at the Old New Inn.

Thanks to Sarah, Graham and Tony for another great trip. We’ve been invited back later in the year.

Approximate route map on Bing.

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  1. Tony Holmes

    The first long descent is Camber. James is on Dog Kennel (final drop after Caravan). The steps are on Coopers Mill Bridge – the lead in is down Spiral Staircase.
    I promise we’ll do Helipad next time – as many times as you want Tom!!

  2. Tom

    Thanks Tony! I’ll add the names and, yes, we can all go and crash on Helipad next time.

  3. chris1bev

    That looks great…..im a novice at this mountain biking but video’s like this attract me even more to this hobby!
    Any idea when you guys/gals will be going there again, i would love to tag along as i will be a member very soon!

  4. Rafe

    We do plan on going back, just not sure when. Keep an eye on the events page and subscribe to the newsletter and you should see it well in advance.

  5. chris1bev

    Excellent…Thanks alot!!

  6. Tom

    We’re going back on the Sat 9th July as part of a weekend. We’ll be going up Clee hill on the Sunday. It’s not on the calendar like that yet.

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