Ride report and photos: Wyre Forest 15th August 2010

Wyre Forest is located West of Kidderminster. It has a lot of really good natural bike trails on the steep sides of the valley. We first visited the area a month or so earlier on a Wyre Forest MTB Club ride. We liked it so much that we asked local rider Sarah Peters if she would guide an MBSwindon ride, and she agreed.

We met at Ye Olde New Inn at Pound Green common . They had kindly let us use their car park in return for us buying food and beer. It seemed like a reasonable arrangement.

We had around 15 riders once they’d all turned up (a few had hurty heads). I had a very sucessful result since I had both wheels with me.

We started at about 10:30am and over the next five and a half hours we covered a series of really good sections. If it wasn’t going down then it was going up.
There were fast swoopy downhills, rocky descents, steep mud, off camber mud, roots, a few narrow bridges and a few really steep sections. A favourite for me was the Secret Garden – a long descent along a river valley. We had some comedy falling off manoevres.

The main group made it back to the pub by 4:15pm and agreed that the riding had been top notch. The route has been about 38km long and around 800m of climbing.

Aug_15_2010_Sunday_Wyre_Forest 009

Aug_15_2010_Sunday_Wyre_Forest 021

Aug_15_2010_Sunday_Wyre_Forest 027

Aug_15_2010_Sunday_Wyre_Forest 026

Aug_15_2010_Sunday_Wyre_Forest 046

Aug_15_2010_Sunday_Wyre_Forest 051

Aug_15_2010_Sunday_Wyre_Forest 066

Aug_15_2010_Sunday_Wyre_Forest 067

Aug_15_2010_Sunday_Wyre_Forest 070

Aug_15_2010_Sunday_Wyre_Forest 071

Aug_15_2010_Sunday_Wyre_Forest 089

Aug_15_2010_Sunday_Wyre_Forest 090

Aug_15_2010_Sunday_Wyre_Forest 085

Aug_15_2010_Sunday_Wyre_Forest 098

Aug_15_2010_Sunday_Wyre_Forest 116

Aug_15_2010_Sunday_Wyre_Forest 125

More photos.

Wyre Forest on Wikipedia

Random Youtube video. Another Youtube video.

A route similar to our recent ride there.
Map of mountain bike rike in Wyre Forest.

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  1. Tony Holmes

    Thanks for a great ride yesterday. Hope to see you all again in the Wyre Forest.

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