Club ride: Wyre Forest (Kidderminster)

Wyre Forest is located West of Kidderminster. It has a lot of really good natural bike trails on the steep sides of the valley. Local knowledge is really useful in an area like this, so Sarah Peters from the Wyre Forest MTB Group is going to lead us on a ride taking in the best bits. We’ve been there recently and there’s loads of really fun sections, including a river crossing, rocky descents, steep mud, roots and fast swoopy single track. We spent 5 hours riding and still didn’t cover all of it, so there’s loads to do.

Wyre Forest on Wikipedia

Random Youtube video. Another Youtube video.

A route similar to our recent ride there.
Map of mountain bike rike in Wyre Forest.

We’re meeting at 10am at the pub marked here:

Meeting point on Bing maps

Google maps says it’s 70 miles away from the centre of Swindon. It’s mainly dual carriageway, so allow a bit over an hour to get there.

Meeting point on Google Maps. “Olde New Inn”.

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  1. Phil

    The pub is called Ye Olde New Inn

  2. Kat

    Brownies have been made and should be readily available to all who attend.


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