Club ride – Quantocks (including Triscombe)

MTB in the QuantocksRobin Steward moved from Swindon to Taunton last year so he’s had a good chance to explore the trails in the Quantocks. We did a club ride there two years ago to the day: photos.

Start at Holford Car Park, 10.30 prompt.

  • Part One. 90min XC to Triscombe
  • Part Two. Lunch and general hooning about. A couple of hours exploring the many ‘downhill’ tracks near to Triscombe Car Park or just kick back and enjoy the rest!
  • Part Three. 2pm ish. Return to Holford via some classic singletrack and Combes

There will not be any shops etc. during the ride so bring a day’s worth of food, water and spares. There is a pub at the end.

The climbs are long but steady – no worse than Welsh trail centres, but not a ride for novices.Skills wise, its all on the fun side of technical. Don’t let the ‘downhill’ tag put you off – it’s all rollable.

Facebook event page.

“More videos with appalling soundtracks”.

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