Club ride: Avebury and Wansdyke

Sir William Petty's Monument

We’ve not ventured down to the South of the ridgeway much yet so this ride should be interesting. It’s a fun 17 mile loop that takes in the Wansdyke, Morgan’s Hill and the Cherhill monument.

We’ll be meeting at 10am in the National Trust car park at Avebury. See either of the maps below for location.

Google map
Bing map (OS map).

We’ll no doubt be calling in at the Red Lion pub in Avebury too.

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  1. Darren Massey

    Hi, just looked at your map for this ride, this a local area for me and i know it very well, so have a recommendation for you, near the end of your ride, go through the woods at the end of the old bath road (knoll down woods) you can then cross the road to avebury, or double back on yourself and do the hill down to cooks plantation. you can have lots of fun in knoll down woods. check out my vid on youtube..

  2. Debbie Shopland

    Hi all,

    Am thinking of joining you but would like a guide as to how ‘technical’ this ride might be as obviously it’s not classed as a beginner.
    Fitness level should be there but I’m still not tecnically competant and wouldn’t want to hold anyone up….please be honest if you rather I stick to the begginer sessions for now..

    Deb and Kate
    (we’ve joined you once before just before xmas)

  3. Tom

    Hi Debbie, as long as you are happy with your fitness then you’ll be fine. It uses mainly bridleways and there’s nothing extreme on it.

  4. Chris

    Hi Debbie, as Tom has said the route is mainly on bridleways so not too tecnical although riding at this time of year is always a little different to the summer when trails are dry and dusty. There’s a long, slow climb up to the wansdyke itself followed by an undulating descent which is about as technical as this ride will get. After that the climbs are short and sweet followed by some good descents. There are a couple of options to “bail out” and ride back to the start/finish point along tarmac but in all seriousness with a decent level of fitness you’ll be fine, there won’t be any 6ft drop offs or 50mph downhill racing!

    Hope to see you both on the 13th.

  5. Richard B

    I hope the Red Lion has not been too badly damaged by this weekends fire.

  6. Chris

    The car park at Avebury doesn’t have an hourly rate and it states on the sign that parking is £5 a day. Ignore this, look a bit closer on the payment machine and it states the winter rate (mid November to mid March) is £2 a day

    Also, I was up there today and the Red Lion is open, allbeit with a slightly damaged roof!

  7. rich

    hello,i am a new member and thinking of joining you for the avebury ride this w/end.i went out last week on the novice ride on the ridgeway and got on ok but i am not sure if the pace will be to quick for me this time.cheers rich.

  8. Chris

    Hi Rich, to be honest it’s hard to say without knowing you or how much riding you’ve done in the past. Rafe tells me the ride last week turned into a bit of a grueller and if you came through that ok fitness wise then you’d probably be ok on this. I won’t lie to you, there is one really long climb and it will be a little more technical than last weeks ride but only you know the answer really. See my answer to Debbie’s query above.

  9. Rich Huggett


    Will be coming along to this one as well(will be 1st ride with club), prob with 6 or so mates if thats o.k?

  10. rich

    hi chris, i think i will come along and give it ago as there are a couple of bail out options if i need them.also if i dont try it i will never know if my fitness is up to it. all being well i will meet up sunday,cheers rich.

  11. Darren Massey

    Love to join you guys on this one, with view to joining you guys as a club?

  12. Rafe

    No problem at all, see you there!

  13. Sparky

    Good ride today, despite the weather and the thick muddy conditions. Look forward to riding the Wansdyke in the dry 🙂

  14. Blommy

    Thank you the trek today! Very wet,windy,boggy and slow going in places to walking pace, oh and also 3.5hrs long for such a short miler ride. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to any newbie riders! Hope to see you guys again soon 🙂

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