Croft Trail Evening Ride

An evening/night ride at Croft Trails. All welcome of any ability level – no one gets left behind on our group rides.

Novice Friendly group starts a few minutes after the main group.

This is a great chance to be given a guided tour of the trails if you’ve never been before, and a chance to see the improvements if you have.

Proper off-road lights will be necessary, speak to us if you want some advice on how to get into night riding without spending hundreds! We even have some lights available for loan which require booking in advance,  just drop us a line to arrange.

We meet in the car park for 19:30, ready to leave at 19:35ish.

We’ll be going to the Check Inn at Wroughton after the ride too.

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  1. Emma

    Hi, I would like to join you on Friday’s (11th) evening ride (Croft Trail) however, I haven’t done any of these trails before so have a few questions if I may please?

    1) I’m not sure what level I am so am interested in this ride as it’s Novice Friendly but would like to know how far is this ride?

    The reason I ask is becuase I live in Kingshill Road so not sure if I should ride to the meeting point in Wroughton or bring my bike in the car. Fitness wise, I’m not that fit but want to get fitter 🙂

    2) Could I please borrow some lights as don’t have any as yet?

    3) What time is this likely to finish…late? I.e should I eat before ride?

    Many Thanks

  2. Rafe

    Hi Emma,

    1) The trail is about 5km long. We do 2-3 laps on a Friday night but you can elect to do less if you wish. We then go down the pub afterwards.
    2) No problem, I’ll forward your request onto Phil & he’ll arrange lights with you
    3) We tend to get to the pub around 9pm. Technically pub has stopped serving by that point but if the kitchen’s been busy they sometimes still serve food, but most people eat beforehand.

    Personally I think it’s easier to have done the trail in the daylight first so you’ve a little familiarity but that’s not necessary. Obviously we look after everyone that turns up, but if you make yourself known & that you’ve not ridden it before then I or one of the others will pay extra attention.

  3. Emma

    Hi Rafe,

    Ok thanks I’ll be sure to let you know before we set off.

    I haven’t heard from Phil about the lights or did you mean when we get there?

    Also thanks for the info.


  4. Emma

    Hi Rafe,

    Sorry forgot to ask, where is the car park meeting point for this evening?

    I’m thinking the croft trails are opposite the Nationwide building? So is it around there?

    Many Thanks

  5. Rafe

    I’m sure Phil emailed you but we do have big problems with hotmail putting stuff in spam folder so it might be there. I’ll email him to double check but it shouldn’t be a problem.

    You’re right, the trails are opposite the Nationwide building. As you enter the park, you’ll come to a T junction (actually a mini roundabout but you can’t see it), turn right and you’ll see a car park full of mountain bikers 😉

    See you later!

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