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The Croft Trail is off the small roundabout in Pipers Way (B4006) – opposite Nationwide’s HQ building (SN3 1TX). As you enter the site there is a mini roundabout, turn right for the public car-park (please note that parking duration is restricted at certain times, longer term parking can sometimes be found by turning left at the mini roundabout instead). As you turn into the car park note the ramp & wooden bollards to your left – the start of the trail can be found by going up this ramp and following the signs, heading straight across the main path.

Basic location map.

Croft mountain bike trail map

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  1. Ashley Pollak

    Just a quick thank you, I made the trip down from Ashton Keynes as I was in the area with my Orange 5. Really amazing work… I regularly cycled at Glentress when I lived in scotland and in your own small way you’ve given a lot of the excitement of that place with the tight boundaries of what is actually a pretty small piece of land. Good work – long may it continue!


  2. David

    Just moved to Swindon and found the Croft Trail virtually on our doorstep after walking the main path with our dogs. Had a go on the trail last night and were really impressed at the distance and variety achieved – was a good work-out (especially for 2 unfit 40 somethings!) and we are sure the trail will encourage us to use the bikes on a regular basis. Thanks!

  3. Julian

    Had a meeting in Swindon and happened to have the bike in the back of the car. had a quick search online for how to fill my time in Swindon with a bike and found this little gem! Remarkably entertaining, especially considering the restricted and pretty flat site. Excellent work by all concerned. Have started looking forward to meetings in Swindon now rather than feigning food poisoning! Well done!

  4. Andy

    Found this trail by accident whilst on the more dirt website. Decided to swing by on my way to West Woods in Marlborough. Very glad I did, this is a great trail and all packed into such a small, easy to get to area. I liked it so much I went round twice and did quite a few loops of the boardwalk section. Well done to all those involved for making this trail, I shall be bringing my riding buddies here soon as.

  5. Leigh

    Just moved to East Wichel and found the trail while riding around trying to find my way around. Very good fun and I will be back for more, I have also joined the mbswindon Club

  6. Martin

    Visited for the first time today and was well impressed. Lots of work has obviously gone into it and it’s great fun. For such a relatively small area so much has been crammed in. Especially like the fact you can do several laps before getting knackered but the repetition really means you keep improving, cleaning sections you might not have done first or second time a round. Brilliant!

  7. Michael

    Can i ask. How long is the trail?



  8. Rafe

    It’s about 5km in length at the moment.

  9. Rich

    So I just bought a specialized hardrock, nothing special but fancy a bit of a ride out and this looks like fun, is it suitable for someone that
    a) owns this bike
    b) never rode anything like it before


  10. Tom

    Hi Richard, yes the Hardrock will be fine round the trail.

  11. Paul

    Are the trails open at the moment? Looking to ride Friday after work.



  12. Rafe

    They’re never closed! We do a ride on Friday nights anyway, see the events diary.

  13. Barry

    Hi there this looks great exactly the kind of thing I wished was around here but only existed in YouTube Videos, recently bought a ‘Spike’ “fugitive” bike, a bit of a department store bike (is Argos a department store?) but swapped out the steel handlebars and clamp for much better aluminium ones also saddle and tyres for ‘schwalb’ land cruisers. Would this hold it’s own or fail dismally on a trail such as this? Any thoughts would be most helpful, bike and specs etc on the Argos website.
    Thanks in advance,

  14. Tom

    Hi Barry, you can ride pretty much any bike round the trail. I’ve had a quick look at the Argos website and it’s not the last word in bike technology. Just do it anyway and see whether you enjoy yourself.

  15. Chris

    Me and my wife was on this trail Saturday 23rd august 14 what a superb job the team have done with such a small area, we will be returning soon for more fun.

  16. Joy Lyons

    Hi, I’m trying to get fit & use my bike more, had it ages but been too lazy!! Saw this group & it looks great, as I don’t like to cycle alone around trails, so just what I’m looking for – I tend to just do the same loop around where I live & it can get a little boring! This is for all fitness levels right?, and is there always a group that meet regularly on a Friday night, so you’re not alone please? I’m not expecting anyone to cycle as slow as me, but would just be nice to know others are around!! Thanks! Joy

  17. Kat

    Hi Joy, there will always be someone down at the trail on a Friday night. With the dark nights at the moment a good set of lights is essential for avoiding the trees 🙂 If you don’t have any we have a couple in the club that can be loaned out with 24 hours notice –

  18. Rob d

    I’m in the same boat as Joy, I’d like to get fit and ride off road. I used to have a Trek years ago but that fell apart eventually and I now ride a 2001 Saracen, that is dire and weighs a ton. Does the club have any suggested bikes for returnees/ newbies at all ?

  19. Rafe

    Saracen of that era is nothing like the new bikes of the same name (brand changed hands, now really good bikes). But maybe just bring that on a Novice Friendly ride and see if you like what we do, see what other people are riding, have a go of their bikes etc.?

  20. Chris

    Hi, I have used croft trail a few times now, last time on my new Orbea which made a world of difference from my non suspension bike! My question is, I am really getting into my mountain biking and am now clipping in with cleats. Do you recommend using cleats at croft (and soon Badbury clump an Forest of Dean)? This is much debated between me and my mates. Be nice to hear from the pros. Thank you.

  21. Rafe

    There’s a question Chris! There’s plenty of people that’ll say flats always and plenty that’ll say clips always.

    I can tell you what I do: I use cleats on my road bike and my cross-country mountain bike (the one I ride on The Ridgeway) and wouldn’t be without them. But on my bouncy bike (the one I’d ride at FOD) I prefer to ride flats.

    I can also tell you what I tell people on the MBSwindon training courses: If being clipped in means you spend more time worrying about being clipped in rather than technique, choosing your line and having fun, then go for flats.

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