Report: Ride and trail build with Settingascene.

This was day organised with

It was a sunny morning, which was nice.

Three of us did 2 laps of the trail, whilst the other two did a walking tour. The trail is holiding up quite well considering the weather we had this winter.

After that we moved a load of material for an hour or two. Section 3 (crossover) is now surfaced. Section 4 is half surfaced.

Once the novelty of that wore off we got stuck into digging out section 1. The big sweeper berm is taking shape well, and the following sharper one.

We also saw the man with no name, who spent 2 hours solid moving gravel onto section 4.

I’m really pleased with the progress, thanks.

moving gravel at croft trail, swindon.

MB Swindon gravel pile.

New trail taking shape.

New berm at Croft Trail, Swindon.

Flickr photo album.

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