Club ride: Afan W2 (White’s Level + The Wall)

White's Level climb at Afan.

W2 is the White’s Level trail plus the Wall (sometimes known as WW2 so bring your camo kit and rifles). That’s two trails for the price of one. See out Afan trail guide including a google map of the trails.

We have a club discount at local bike shope Lodge Cycles (shop location).

Some previous ride reports: May 2010, Dec 2011, Jan 2011.

The ground at Afan is very gritty and wears brake pads out quickly, so make sure you have some spares.

We’ll be meeting for a 10am start at the Glyncorrg Ponds centre. Google map of start.

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  1. Toopster

    Hi I am interested in coming along to the Afan W2 trip. I did a version of the W2 with BigFoot MTB club a few weeks ago which was better (I think) than the official one.

    Will everyone ride together or will there be groups. I would be quite happy to go round with a faster group.

    Whats the chance of a lift share I can contribute to Petrol and Bridge Toll.

    Contact Numbers
    07785 955989
    01793 480664

  2. carrot


    I am new in the area and would like to join the ride is this ok. I have done this before and have no issue with the distance.


  3. Tom

    Hi Toopster: we’re going to follow the regular W2 route in 1 or 2 groups depending on how many turn up. We’ll probably split where the White’s optional black loop goes off, allowing the slower group to cut that out.

    It will be interesting to find out what the alternative route is.

    Ask on Facebook or our forum for a lift. I’m sure someone can help you out.

  4. Tom

    Carrot: yes – just turn up and introduce yourself. It’s going to be a fun day out.

  5. Carrot

    Sorry missed ride car trouble will come on another organised ride soon.

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