Ride report: Spam winter challenge 2011

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The SPAM winter challenge is an annual mountain bike enduro that’s held on MOD land near Erlestoke. There’s a choice of 25,35 and 50km routes (16,22 and 31 miles respectively).

We had around 10 riders at the event in the 50 and 35km routes. Our fastest, Jerome, did the 30 miles in 2h 27m, with Gary Lee not far behind at 2h 31. This put them near the top of page 2 out of 7 in the results. I did it in 2h 52m and that includes stopping to take photos plus a battle with some useless gloves where the inner lining came out. Ali Hardie was close behind at 2h 59m.

In the 22 mile category then John Speed made it round in 1h 50m putting him half way down the first page out of 4, Matthew Kerry 2h 10m, Tim Norris 2h 26m, and Kristian Price 2h 27m. There were more: check the results page.

Maps: OS, GPX

Spam winter challenge.
Swindon Road Club rider at the SPAM Winter Challenge