Photos: Red Planet Tuesday night ride, 29th June 2010.

Red Planet bikes are the nearest shop to the Croft Trail. They hold a ride every Tuesday night, starting from the shop. Google map of shop location.
From their site:
All you have to do is pitch up at your favorite bike shop between 6pm and 6.30pm every Tuesday night with your dancing shoes on and we’re off for a ride! Well, cycling shoes would be better, but you know what I mean. We’re usually out for a couple of hours, it’s a friendly pace. Come on, don’t be shy, see you on Tuesdays.

The rides usually go over the ridgeway, sometimes using the Croft Trail as part of the route. It’s a friendly and fun event. You’ll often find MBSwindon riders on the ride.

Here’s some photos from the ride on Tuesday 29th June 2010.

Tue_29_Red_Planet_Ride 003

Tue_29_Red_Planet_Ride 004

Tue_29_Red_Planet_Ride 006

Tue_29_Red_Planet_Ride 011

Tue_29_Red_Planet_Ride 014

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