4 thoughts on “Novice friendly ride – Castle Combe”

  1. Would anyone like a lift from Swindon for this ride? I have space for 2 other bikes on the roof of my car, I live in Old Town, not far from the Croft Trail. Leave reply here or contact me via the Facebook group.

  2. Hey Matt will hopefully be back in the saddle by this point after an injury (tit). Hopefully getting the all clear from the doctor on Thursday so all going well…. Would be a nice ride to see how me ankle holds up. So a lift from croft trail area would be perfect as i can cycle up that way from Liden. My E-mail is martyn.daw1984@gmail.com. Mail me there if you wouldnt mind. And will get in touch when i know anymore. Cheers in advance.

  3. As a club we provide rides for our members, as and when our volunteer ride leaders are available. The rides are advertised on the events page of the website once details have been finalised.

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