May build day #6.

This is the same day as the Swinley Forest club ride. We’ll have the probation service on site to move chippings down to the new red section. We should have this section open by the end of the day.

We’ll have to dig out the very first part of the new section and rake the chippings out as the probation service deliver them to us. If there’s enough time we’ll get the new berms down near the pond surfaced too.

We’ll meet down on the Red section. Walk round the new start until you get to the big pile of rocks and we’ll be down the hill there. Otherwise you can call us on 07010036444.

Useful tools include spade, mattock, pick axe, saw, wheebarrow. We’ve got quite a lot of tools between us so don’t worry if you can’t bring any.

Facebook event.

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