May news update

New Club Discounts

We have added three more discounts for MB Swindon Club Members.

Trail Build Update

Four of us spent two hours on Thursday night moving mud for the berms in the new section. It’s looking good now; the section is complete apart from surfacing. We have found a better supplier of crushed concrete, Wiltshire Heavy Building Materials and they are helping us get even more material for our money.

We will have the material on site for our next building weekend (15th and 16th of May – see the events page for more) and we hope to have the Probation Service on hand to help us move this around. However, we would still like as much help as possible as the aim is to get this new section open by the end of the month. Even sparing us a couple of hours can make a huge difference.

Today we received news that the CTC/Big Lottery Fund will be funding further improvements to the trail, which we will be carrying out over the coming months. We have put together a detailed proposal for improving the trail section that follows on from the new start since we think that this is the worst part of the trail. We aim to do this without causing too much disruption to the existing trail which will remain open throughout.


We are having a night ride each Friday, a trip to Afan on 7th May and an exclusive club member Santa Cruz demo night on Wednesday 12th May. There’s a trip to Swinley Forest planned and another local area ride planned for this month. See the events page for more information.

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