Magical Mystery Monument Tour

Cherhill monumentTim Norris will be leading a novice friendly ride in the Calne area, taking in Yatesbury, Avebury and the Cherhill Monument. The route will be between 15 and 20 miles, depending on conditions on the day, and won’t contain anything too technical.
There will be some steady climbs, but nothing too big, and probably quite a lot of mud!
There’s a bit of parking at the cafe and additional places on the streets nearby.

3 thoughts on “Magical Mystery Monument Tour”

  1. Hi There
    Im still very much a mtb novice but would like to join you next sunday 2nd. Would it b possible to follow someone from swindon as I feel I may get lost in the car?

  2. Hi, its easy to find on the road from Avebury to Calne, i am hoping to do the ride if weather’s not to bad(I work outside all week so maybe fed up with the rain by then) il log on hear sat at the latest and could meet at Croft, then drive over.

  3. Kerry if you want to follow over to tomorrow’s ride be at Croft for 9,15. If your planning to come,

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