Last big push at the trail in Jan/Feb 2014

2012_12_15 Trail Building 121Croft Trail build plans 2014

We have a build day on Saturday 14th Nov 2013 where we will be doing some work using material that was delivered on the previous build day.

After that we need to pick a day in January or February where we can have a massive push. One day with 15-20 people and we’ll be able to shift the last 20 tonne load of material. That will then see us through for a few months whilst we build some new features. Help us select a day by filling in this Facebook poll.

As Phil said in the latest newsletter “I think you’ll agree that an official, free, useable all year round trail in an urban location like this is a very rare thing. I’d like to thank all of you who have helped to make it what it is, and those who continue to turn out to help keep it that way.

Without volunteer help the trail wouldn’t exist. Please consider coming along to help at a build day if you’ve enjoyed the trail at any point in 2013.”

See our full build diary.

New berm taking shape at Wiltshire moutain bike trail.Shovelling gravel at a mountain bike trail.

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