2 thoughts on “Another trail: Healey Nab”

  1. Chris and I went to Healey Nab for part of our MIAS instructor course in early Nov 2010. It’s not very big but a lot of fun, nice mix of techy and flowy – everything we saw was rollable, but having been built by Rowan Sorrell (who built the Cwmcarn DH), you can imagine how some bits would be quite extreme at speed!

    There’s loads of good riding on the other side of the reservoirs in Lever Park and on Rivington hill. If you’re going that direction, get in touch and we’ll try to point you in the right direction. Lever Park Info Centre is MTB friendly.

  2. healey nab is local to me, excellent for better riders, several unexpected things, black trail is nice and technical, not advisory for new people, red trail is great fun, love unexpected drops on it, they wake me up a bit, like pete says, rivington hill is great fun, worth the ride there, winter hill is amazing for DH/XC also well worth the ride, wear a helmet on these, probably would be dead without mine.

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