Club ride + family friendly social (FFS)

Chris Hopkinson says:

Cider at Tucker's Grave Inn.

If you’re anything like me you’ll be getting endless grief from your other half over the summer because you’re spending all your time riding, fixing or cleaning your bike! Hopefully this event will go some way to helping the situation and earn you a few brownie points too.

Riders will meet at the Check Inn for 10am when we’ll set off for a ride around one of our local loops (example route). We’ll return to the Check Inn for about 2-3pm to meet up with the WAG’s/HAB’s/Kids/whoever else you want to invite along for a Sunday roast and maybe a cider or 3!

Please contact with number of guests and choice of main course by Wednesday please. Cost is £10.95 per person for 2 courses (£8.95 for kids). Those of us who are riding will leave at 10am, returning to the Check inn to meet up with friends and family at approx. 2pm ready to eat at 2.30.

Also known as the WAG/HAB/U ride (wives and girlfriends,husbands and boyfriends, unknown).

Mountain bike riders on the Wansdyke in Wiltshire.
Example of riding.
The Red Lion pub at Avebury.
Example of eating.

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  1. Jodie West

    Is that Kats Chocolate Brownie points Chris ???? 🙂

  2. Chris

    Now there’s an idea for dessert!

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