Epic ridgeway + Wansdyke ride


Chris has invented a long ride that takes in the White Horse trail, the Wansdyke, Morgans Hill, The Cherhill monument, the Marlborough downs and the ridgeway. It should come to around 35-40 miles.

The event will start and finish* at the Check Inn in Wroughton near Swindon (Google map location).

* this isn’t an out and back ride, it’s a circular ride.

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  1. Nigel & Sharon

    Gonna give this a go, hope i don’t slow you all down too much

  2. Chris

    Pretty sure you’ll be ok Nigel/Sharon. There’s a few meaty climbs but the last 15 miles or so wil be heading downhill from Avebury to Wroughton.

  3. Pete

    Hadn’t heard of MBSwindon until seeing the banner in the van up at Barbury Castle this morning. Think I’ll come along and say hello for this ride, if that’s OK. Looks like a good one.


  4. Rafe


    Glad the banners work!

    Yeh, just turn up as our guest for the first couple of rides.

  5. SwampDonkey

    Fantastic. Thanks. See you on Sunday.


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