Build report: Sunday 12th Sept 2010

This was a bit of a low key build day; we had a big push coming up the next weekend (Sat 18th Sept 2010 & Sun 19th Sept).

Phil and Mr Anon fixed some of the sign posts in place. We’ve had a long term problem of a few sign posts being pulled out of the ground so we hope that this will fix that.

I did a bit of a litter sweep. The woods in general do a have a bit of a rubbish problem, a lot of it years old by the look of it. We’d only gained a few plastic bottles over a year or so, which isn’t too bad considering the urban location. It’s something I intend to keep working on.

We then tried to fix a corner cutting problem near the start by setting some rocks on the inside edge to discourage short cuts. Pete arrived at this point for “5 minutes”.

Lastly we spent a few hours walking around the triangle area and discussing where the route should go to make the best use of the area. There’s no really obvious best ways of filling a flat triangular area but we agreed on several things, including the crossing locations and the rough shape for the area. We all agreed that it needed to be less twisty and needed some features to make it worth the ride.

Phil and myself also had a look round the East side of the pitch and started to think that two shorter extensions in the area would give a better shape than the original long extension planned.

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