Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

We are a mountain bike club and some our our members (me included) occasionally have a little moan when we talk about anything other than mountain bikes. But I’m going to stick my neck out here and talk about a film festival.  One that I saw on Tuesday night and that in 2 hours, featured only 11 minutes of mountain bikes.

Why do I want to mention it? Well for starters there were at least 6 members of MB Swindon in the theatre with me and a number of others went to other showings elsewhere.  So there is a draw for mountain bikers and that draw is what makes many of us ride our bikes in the first place.

Some ride for fitness, some ride for competition, some for fun and for the social aspects of being with  group of like minded people. For many of us we also do it because we enjoy being outdoors, discovering new places and challenging ourselves to get to those places.

What is the Banff Mountain Film Festival?

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is one of the largest and most prestigious mountain festivals in the world. The “mothership” festival has been held at the start of November each year since 1975 in Banff, Canada.  The festival draws some of the world’s best film makers and accomplished outdoor heroes to celebrate adventure, the environment, mountain culture and the outdoors through film.

The World Tour takes a taster of the festival on a global tour and introduces audiences around the world to some of the best and most exciting films from new and accomplished film makers, athletes and adventurers.

A night at a World Tour screening will have you marveling at feats of endurance as runners, cyclists, climbers and walkers take on the worlds most epic, dangerous and stunning landscapes.

You may wonder why they do it and question their mentality. You will watch in awe at achievements, laugh along with high spirited moments and be moved by heart wrenching events as you take a journey alongside each of the characters on screen.

And by the end of the evening you will know exactly why they do what they do and you will want to go on your own adventure – I know I do. No matter how big or how far, you will be stirred and have a desire to do more with your free time.

If you haven’t been to a Banff film screening yet there are still plenty of chances relatively close to the centre of our little world of Swindon:  Salisbury, Cheltenham and Abingdon for instance all have tickets available for showings over the next month.  Visit the link below and book yourself a ticket, you wont be disappointed.


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