Midweek ride to Uffington


Tom Scott will be leading this week’s midweek ride. Meet at Foxhole for an out-and-back Ridgeway ride to the White Horse at Uffington.

The entrance to the Ridgeway is on the right, about 200m (NW) past the crossroads with the Burj Restaurant. There are parking spaces there.

2 thoughts on “Midweek ride to Uffington”

  1. Hi, I am new to the area and interested in riding. Can I just turn up to the ride on Wednesday 13th and is there anything special I need…other than decent lights?


  2. Hi,

    Just turn up with a bike and some lights and people will look after you 🙂 If you have a spare inner tube for your bike then take it, but people will help out regardless (obviously be gracious if they do!).

    The ride is being led by Tom Scott so you know at least one person to look out for.


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