Ashton Court Ladies & Gents Day Out

Ashton Court is the home of the Bristol Bikefest and Oktoberfest events as well as being a good introduction to trail centres.

Ladies Captain Sharon Bassindale and Club Gopher Simon Oxlade will lead seperate groups of Ladies and Gents around a couple of laps of the Nova Trail  and Oktoberfest course, then go for a play in the nearby Leigh Woods on the Yer Tiz trail.

This ride is suitable for all skill levels and is ideal for those interested in entering Oktoberfest (you should, it’s great fun) a couple of weeks later.

It is classed as Novice Friendly and, because the Ladies will be riding in their own group, as a Ladies ride as well.

NOTE: Parking at Ashton Court can be busy, so arrive early. Parking is £3 per car.

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