Urban Round 17 September 2014

Graham’s Midweek Mystery Tour

Urban Round

This week’s Urban Round is a “Midweek Mystery Tour” led by Graham Burgess. It will start at 7.00pm sharp (faffers please arrive early…) The 16 mile route is totally novice friendly, although (so as not to break tradition) there may be one or two “little” climbs! Nothing mad, around 750ft total elevation gain.

There is a short, sharp but tasty little challenge en-route with an opportunity to show off your climbing prowess and win a jaffa cake.

Front and rear Lights WILL be needed as there are a couple of short bits on road and most of route is unlit. It’s also worth having a spare layer of clothing in case of any unforeseen stops (and the nights getting a bit chilly now!) Also bring basic spares, drink and snack.

We aim to be back to John Lewis by 9:30 at the latest.

Hope to see you there…..

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