Ride report: all women session at Croft (cold) 27th Nov 2010

By popular request an all women ride day took place at the Croft Trails. It was a bitterly cold day with some snow on the ground. This didn’t deter the seven riders who turned up though.

Women’s officer Jodie West led the group on a few laps of the trail.

“I really enjoyed the “ladies” ride at the Croft trail. The atmosphere was great, we all attempted things we wouldn’t normally dream of and the sense of achievement was shared by the whole group. The hot chocolate, sausage rolls and chocolate crunchy cakes were a welcome surprise too. But the best bit about the ride was the camaraderie and support of fellow female riders. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks Jodie and “the girls”!!”

Sharon Yeates

My fingers have only just thawed out!

I was quite nervous not having ridden with the club before but Jodi was very encouraging and reassuring. Apparently I would not get left behind and the pace would be comfortable.

The day itself was bloomin freezing but the trail looked gorgeous with its first sprinkling of snow. The other ladies were a terrific bunch, not too serious about it all with a great sense of humour.

I had great fun on the ride and fell off less than I do riding on my own! The warm sausage rolls and excellent homemade rocky road was a welcome treat and I will definately be joining the ladies again.

Thanks for a fab morning.

Marie Root

Photos by Jenny Wright.

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  1. Thanks for your kind comments everyone it really was nice to see so many ladies out and on such a cold day 🙂 Everyone tried so hard and made brilliant progress and am really looking forward to this Sat.

    Hot Chocolate at the ready Ladies – cos that’s how we do MTB-ing 🙂

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