Uley Ride

Gary Palmer and Pat Friend are leading this novice friendly ride around Uley.

Gary says the views are stunning and though there are a few reasonable hills he says “I will be pushing my bike up the hills at the back” so you won’t get left behind if you need to get off and walk.

8 thoughts on “Uley Ride”

  1. Hi

    I’m living in Wroughton for a few months and have got into riding on the byways and bridleways up on the Downs. Bought myself a £500 Specialized hard tail that is working very nicely. I’m interested in riding with others, so I thought I would try to pitch up for this Uley Ride. I have a couple of questions.

    Is it possible to get more information about the route – and what kind of trails it takes in?

    Do I take it that you expect to get back to the Old Crown for lunch?



  2. Hi Chris,

    It’ll just be local tracks and trails, like we have. Though Gary tells me they’re very good.

    As for timing, depends on who turns up, average speed etc. But I suspect there will be a pub stop at some point.

    You’d be very welcome to join us and see if the club rides suit you.


  3. I too might be temtped for this Sat’ ride. That said, Mr Palmer will not be the only one pushing at the back on some of the hills.

  4. Hi

    Me and my husband are thinking of joining the ride on Saturday, but were wondering if we can just turn up on the day, or do you need to know beforehand who is interested?


  5. Hi, you can just turn up, that’s fine. You can come to one or two rides as our guest before deciding to join the club too.

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