Trail building Sun 18th April 2010

Four of us (Phil, Pete, ***** and Tom) spent the day finishing stage one of the woodwork in the new Red section. Pretty much every single part of this has been built from recycled parts. We’ve now got a slightly higher section at the end, built up on 2 piles of logs. There’s an escape ramp for those who want to avoid it.

Looking at the rest of the Red loop: we’ve got the two berms on the descent laid out with most of the mud in place. The berms need to be finished off and the link sections dug out. A third, smaller berm is going to be built after the first bridge. The return loop needs digging out. We’re then going to fill the hill sections with rubble. We have enough funds in the bank to buy 10 tonnes of gravel, so we can finish of the whole section in the next month or so.

Banging stakes in.

New jump concept.Log pile.

We always use the correct tool for the job:
Chiseling wood with a brick chisel.

Raised section taking shape.

Now with proper tool:
Wood chisel.

Escape ramp.

Raised section.

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