Trail build report, Sunday 21st Feb 2010.

A very productive build day.

Phil and the man whose name we keep forgetting started on fixing the sunken section at the start (built in June 2009). They were joined a bit later by Pete and finally by Tom. The whole section had sunk into the mud, so the existing gravel was buried under a layer of paving slabs. This was then covered with barrow loads of crushed concrete. What we thought was crushed concrete was actually Limestone chippings. It was finished off with a layer of the yellow gravel.
The whole lot is now a few inches above ground level and should be winter proof..

The same technique was then used on a new section for the start loop. By this time Lee had arrived, and not soon after Ian and Helen appeared.
The whole afternoon was spent filling the base of the trail with rubble and then putting a layer of crushed concrete on top of it.

By the end of the day almost half of a 10 tonne load had gone.

We’ve got enough rubble to last us for a few weeks. So we moved some wooden boxes close to the end of the section and plan to fill them up over the coming weeks. Ian said he’d be moving some loads during the week.

Many thanks to everyone who came along. It was great to see progress.


Wheel barrow

Crazy paving

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