Trail build report: 17th – 20th May 2010 (evenings)


Thanks to the help of Earthline and Wiltshire HBM we managed to sort out our material supplies. Our problems were caused by us referring the grey material that we had been using as “crushed concrete”. It wasn’t; it was actually Limestone chippings. Both suppliers were very understanding and sorted out a mess of our own making.

With the correct material on site we were ready to get the new red section closer to completion. Pete Radcliffe, Phil Mayger, Daniel Murphy, anonymous and myself (Tom) spend a few hours moving the new chippings. We surfaced the straights and one of the berms on the downhill section. This was a lot more than we expected to do in the time available. We were all excited to see the new berms taking shape; they’re a lot larger than anything else on the trail.


Phil and Chris were already moving chippings when I arrived. A little later Jack Bentley arrived, followed not long after by Pete and Kat and then anonymous man. We surfaced the second big berm and the area from there round to the woodwork. Some riders on the trail helped us for an hour and they sorted all the rubble on the return loop. We surfaced some of that too.

The job for Wednesday is working on the bridge jump.


We spent the night working on the new bridge and jump and had the main ramp finished by the end of the night. In order to get the jump right we found that it no longer pointed at the start of the next section of woodwork, so we’re going to move that a bit. Present were Alan West, Jack Bentley, Tom, Pete Radcliffe (test rider) and Mr Anonymous.


The new ditch jump had a down ramp built. The following wood board walk section had to be moved slightly so that it lined up with the jump. The area between the jump and board walk was filled with chippings.

All that remains now is digging out the first few metres of the section and then filling it and the return loop with chippings on Sunday.

Present were Mr Anon (who built most of the bridge), Phil Mayger, Chris Hopkinson and myself (Tom).

May_20_2010_Thurs_Trail_Building 003

May_20_2010_Thurs_Trail_Building 014

May_20_2010_Thurs_Trail_Building 017

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