Trail build report: Sun 3rd Oct 2010

We had a community payback team booked for the day. It rained all day Friday and a lot of Saturday, with more forecast for Sunday, so we weren’t sure who would turn up. There was a MBSwindon ride taking place, so we weren’t expecting a big turnout of volunteers either. As it happened, we had a team of six probation non-volunteers with their trailer. They spent the whole day moving material for us and they were one of the hardest working groups we’ve seen.

Phil and myself (Tom) spent the morning raking out the Limestone chippings as the community payback team brought it to us. We filled any big holes with rocks first. We pilfered these from the triangle area as it’s all being rebuilt soon. Chris arrived a bit later and we were also joined by Mr Anonymous for a while in the afternoon. By 3pm we’d surfaced around 140m of trail. We were really pleased with this. See the map below for the location.

Thanks to the rider who gave us a £5 donation in cash when he stopped too.

We spent a bit of time clearing out parts of the river. I also did a bit more litter picking. The triangle has about 10 year’s worth of cans, bottles and other stuff in it.

We had another look round the triangle (area 6 in map below). We have big plans for this and it should be keeping us occupied over the winter.

Progress map 3rd October 2010.

Oct_03_2010_Sunday_Trail_Build 002

Oct_03_2010_Sunday_Trail_Build 009

Oct_03_2010_Sunday_Trail_Build 012

Moving crew
Oct_03_2010_Sunday_Trail_Build 011

Litter pick output
Oct_03_2010_Sunday_Trail_Build 017

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