Trail build report: Thur 10th & Sun 13th June 2010

Thursday 10th June

We spent a few hours doing an important job that had nothing to show for itself. On the back straight of the new start we dug out the yellow gravel, filled the hole with Limestone chippings and then put the yellow gravel back on the top. We hope that this will fix the puddling problem in this area.

After that we made a start on a new line for the last descent on our new new section.

Present were Pete, Kat, Phil, Tom and Mr Anon.

Sunday 13th June

We started the day by digging up the pointless tabletop from the section near the pond. The mud was put to good use; it was used to build up the first new berm in that area. Loads of people had crashed off the top of this.

June_13_Sunday_Build_Day 003

Then we moved on to improving some of the newly opened Red route. The first berm was built up from the half way point. This took a huge amount of mud due to the berm being on the side of the hill. Meanwhile the trail was edged with pieces of wood and filled in with more chippings. The jump on the first straight was realigned and smoothed out a bit. Hopefully the bigger berm, stronger edge to the trail and smoother jump will allow this to work better.

Wheelbarrow modification – the wheel used to rub on the metal.
June_13_Sunday_Build_Day 005

New edging coming on.
June_13_Sunday_Build_Day 006

Coming on strong.
June_13_Sunday_Build_Day 008

Bigger berm.
June_13_Sunday_Build_Day 012

We finished the day off by marking out the new section with wooden poles. A lot of thought has gone into this and we’re feeling confident that it will be another good section to ride when it’s completed.

Present were Phil, Mr Anon, Chris and Tom.

We also met a few riders today. I had quite a long chat with a few and it was great to find more people who want to come out ride the trail and also ride at other events with MBSwindon. The events page has a complete list of current events. More are added as and when we plan new events.

3 thoughts on “Trail build report: Thur 10th & Sun 13th June 2010”

  1. You guys are fantastic…..the amount of effort you put in is unbelievable…… 🙂

  2. Thanks guys! Always great to receive feedback.

    Obviously any help is gratefully received even if it’s just a couple of hours and/or as simple as pushing a wheelbarrow.

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