Tom’s Non-Avebury Amble

Words: Tom Scott

I knew it would be wet. I knew it would be windy. Why? because I spent all last week sat at work whilst the sun shone, and with a generous helping of sod’s law it was bound to be bad. Anyhow, up I got, off I set, and halfway down Shaftesbury Avenue I was unceremoniously beckoned by Nathan. He had rounded up 2 mates and they were raring to go. Arriving at Coate I spotted Sean sat in his van.  Then I saw Sonny and that made six.

The intention was to ride towards Marlborough, across the downs then over to Avebury for a cuppa, then back up the Ridgeway to Barbury and back to Coate, but the weather intervened and we decided to ride down to Marlborough for a cuppa, and ride back over the hills. The weather was bloomin orrible. As we left Chiseldon we gained one, Andy had spotted us riding off and parked his van, jumped on his bike and caught us up.

We got to Marlborough, had a cuppa and, being democratic types, had a vote on which route to take back. As the rain had got even heavier the consensus was to err on the side of caution and go back the way we had come!

25 miles in 2h 30m was a good pace given the conditions, and it was a good laugh, despite the weather!

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