Tom Scott’s Urban Shred Session, innit.



Think you know where all the trails are in Swindon? Test your knowledge of the back alleys, wooded trails and sneaky Urban routes with Tom Scott, MBSwindon’s authority on urban riding.

In truth we will not be asking you to bunny hop onto the bonnet of a police car or evade drug dealers in a GTA5 style (Have you found the mountain bike yet?), knowledge of UK Garage and Urban grime also not required.

Joking aside, there will be nothing technical on this route, so we would love to see beginners and people new to the club on this ride. Distance will be around 20 miles and will be a different route to the last time we ran this – I learn something every time I ride with Tom.

Starting From Croft Trail at 10AM, lasting about three hours.

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3 thoughts on “Tom Scott’s Urban Shred Session, innit.”

  1. Hello, I’m thinking of coming along for the first time, can you tell me what type of tyres I would need for the ride? I very rarely go off road tend to ride on road and cycle paths, I have slicks on at the moment, would I have to change them?

  2. Hi John

    A fair proportion of this ride will be on muddy paths and loose gravel, so I would suggest a knobbly MTB tyre, or at least something with a decent tread and a bit of width.


  3. Hi, do we have to do the croft trail in this ride as that bit takes me forever…did the prospect ride and that hit nearly took me longer!!

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