Trail building Sat 17th April 2010.

I was up early and it was a bright and sunny early spring morning, which is always a bonus.

Rafe and myself spent 2 hours moving rocks from an address inĀ  Wootton Bassett. This was another Freecycle (or Freegle) find. We now have about 80 decent rocks on the site that cost us nothing except time.

At the trail the rocks were dropped off ready for future use on the section by the motorway. We also had some concrete and hardcore which we dropped near the berms on the new Red section.

After that we moved the last bit of woodwork from the triangle section up to the new Red section. We were helped to load the heavy bit onto Rafe’s Land Rover by some riders.

Not long after Rafe had gone then Phil and our anonymous helper arrived. We spent an hour or so moving rubble down to new Red section. We moved the contents of 3 large gravel bags. Two bits of the woodwork from the triangle were cut up to make planks on the second bridge. The rubble was used to fill in the route either side of the bridge.

The rest of the evening was spent making progress with the woodwork in the new section. This has been built entirely using parts recycled from elsewhere on the trail.

It was a bad day for wheel barrow punctures. Out of 4 barrows only 1 was still operational by the end of the day. We’re going to replace the tyres with the puncture-proof versions.

Our anonymous friend brought a truck load of rubble down which we will be using in the new section. We’ve got enough funds to buy another 10 tonnes of surfacing material, so with a bit of help from the probation service we can see the new section being ready for action sometime in the next month or so.

Moving wood onto Land Rover.

Wood on Land Rover.

New bridge with rubble.

New bridge under construction.

Work in progress.

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