Wantage Cafe & Back (Novice+)

View from Barbury Castle with MBSwindon.

Nigel is leading this Novice+ (same pace, ethos etc. as a normal novice friendly ride, just longer) ride along The Ridgeway to the cafe near Wantage. Eat cake, cycle back.

It’s a long but not too arduous route with manageable (or easily walkable) hills and amazing scenery. Perfect for those wanting to do more miles but without it being an epic or technical ride. It will follow our “novice friendly” ethos of accepting that not everyone is as fit as they could be,┬áregularly waiting for people to catch up and just enjoying the ride.

If you want a shorter ride and can get a lift to/from the cafe then that’s fine, just let us know. Meet at the Fox Hill lay bys for 10am, ready for a 10:15am start. Google map of the start.


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