Club ride: Swinley forest (date changed!)

Swinley Forest.

Swinley Forest is a great mountain biking area near Bracknell. This is an Alan friendly ride.

We’ve got a local guide (Steve Dunn) to show us all of the good stuff. He’s a member of Berks on Bikes (I think).

We’re meeting at 10am in the main lookout car park. That’s the right hand car park of the two. Google map.

A permit has to be purchased to allow riding in the forest. It costs £2 for a one day pass available from the Lookout Centre. More info on permits.

Photos from April 2010. Back in the day!

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  1. I had a great ride at Swinley on Sunday with the Muddymoles (see their website for a ride report). We ran a route that I put together about a month ago and flows really well, I am sure you will like it. It is about 20 miles in length, which sounds short but can be quite relentless depending on conditions and how fast you go, and there are 3 ‘play’ areas where you can mess around or take a break as you feel fit. Fingers crossed on the weather for the day, looking forward to meeting you all.

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