Ride photos: 30 mile ridgeway route Sat 21st Aug 2010

We did a 30 mile route over the ridgeway, starting and finishing at Barburry Castle. We expected rain, but got nothing worse than a bit of drizzle. It was really warm anyway.

Aug_21_2010_Sat_30_Miles 005

Aug_21_2010_Sat_30_Miles 009

Aug_21_2010_Sat_30_Miles 016

Aug_21_2010_Sat_30_Miles 024

Aug_21_2010_Sat_30_Miles 043

Aug_21_2010_Sat_30_Miles 058

Aug_21_2010_Sat_30_Miles 067

Aug_21_2010_Sat_30_Miles 068

Aug_21_2010_Sat_30_Miles 106

Aug_21_2010_Sat_30_Miles 142

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