Club ride: Cwmcarn XC.

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Pete Ratcliffe is leading this ride at Cwmcarn, one of the big name trail centres in Wales. It’s also the closest, being just North of Newport.

Meet at 10am at the Cwmcarn car park. If anyone has any transport issues then contact us and we’ll see what we can arrange.

The trail is free to use.
Warning: the cafe is certified as being totally crap, so bring food.

Non-members are most welcome to come and join us for a few rides and see if we meet their requirements before taking out membership. To join the club see: club link.

Cwmcarn info.

Google Map of Twrch bike trail..

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  1. Pete7

    How many km/miles is the xc trail?

  2. Phil

    18km, with 300 metres of climbing

  3. Matt

    I’m new to Swindon MTB and planning to attend. Also planning to drive, so if someone wants a lift, then shout. Have room for bike in the back or on roof rack (if you have a bike rack)

  4. Jon


    I am looking at joining the club, which looks really good. And I am thniking about coming to the Cwmcarn ride this Sunday, but have a few concerns, mainly about my fitness and skill level :-). I don’t want to come along and slow everyone down (uphill mainly as it looks like a long slog!!). Is it okay to come along and try my best to get up?



  5. Tom

    Hi Jon,
    Great to hear from you. Come along anyway and see how it goes. You won’t be abandoned!

  6. Rafe

    Hi Jon,

    Hope you can make it. Sent you an email re car sharing.


  7. Toopster

    I’m lookin at joining the club and thought Cwmcarn would be an ideal opportunity to get introduced.

    Any chance of a lift? (Old Town, Swindon)


  8. Rafe

    Hi Toopster – you’d be most welcome on Sunday and I’ve sent you an email re lift 🙂

  9. paulF

    i have a space again in my van now that matt cant make it, if anyone needs a lift

  10. Pete

    CXould you please tell me what the weather is going to be like in Cwmcarn on sunday…:-)

  11. Rafe

    According to AccuWeather:

    Sunday Day
    a couple of showers
    High Temperature: 9°C
    RealFeel®: 8°C
    Winds: S at 11km/h
    Wind Gusts: 27 km/h
    Maximum UV Index: Low (1)
    Thunderstorm Probability: 20%
    Amount of Precipitation: 2.0mm
    Amount of Rain: 2.0mm
    Amount of Snow: 0.00cm
    Hours of Precipitation: 4 Hrs
    Hours of Rain: 4 Hrs
    Hours of Sun: 8.3 Hrs

  12. Rafe

    What I can’t do is guarantee the weather in Cwmcarn on Sunday 😉

  13. Rafe

    PaulF – not sure if I’m giving someone a lift or not yet. If you email me (rafe AT your number maybe we can make some last minute arrangements!

  14. Pete

    Lol……someone actually answered my stupid question…cheers Rafe

    so…basically….i dont need to take any sun cream… 🙂



  15. Rafe

    We at MBSwindon aim to please 😉

  16. Stumpy Pete

    It’s in Wales…so no you wont need sun cream. 😉

    You will however need a jacket / shell. Even if it is ok-ish in the car park, it will be much colder and windier at the top.

    If its your first time please make yourself known to us before we start so we can provide any necessary advice or moral support on the way up!

  17. aaron tayler

    hi am new to website was thinking of coming along was wondering if anyone has space for a person and a bike

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