Ride report: Bredon hill midweek evening

Mountain biking on Bredon  Hill.This was a recce ride of Bredon Hill. We started from Beckford village hall and found a group from the About Bikes bike shop in Evesham were also riding the hill. Same place, same time.

Anthony Holmes and myself spent just under two and a half hours on this ride. The weather and views were amazing. The hill isn’t particularly high but it does have something to look at in every direction.

The big ditch drop on top of the hill (see photo below) is one of the best features. The following descent has a brilliant jump created by the mud from a badger hole followed by a really fun section of single track. It widens out towards the bottom and even that is a great descent.

This was a good all round mini-adventure for a summer’s evening. We’ll be back soon.

22km, 500m of ascent OS MapGPX.

Bredon Hill sunset.

Big ramp on Bredon hill.

2 thoughts on “Ride report: Bredon hill midweek evening”

  1. Nice to meet a couple of you Weds night…and to see you enjoyed our local patch.

    You are welcome to bring a group along one Sunday and join us. We have a great 40 mile loop that takes in all of the best trails around The Vale of Evesham (and there are some great ones) which makes a great 5-6 hour epic.

    Let me know if you are interested.



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