One Industries Mini Enduro – Eastridge

Words by Captain James Scott

A top location for a mini gravity enduro, quick climbs with just the right incline and a good mix of technical descending and pedalling, James and Mike were representing at this one. 3 stages over 10km and 400m climbing meant it fulfilled the mini criteria but the abilities needed to do well here were anything but mini. Stage 3 was the memorable one with a good pedal at the top followed by some steep corners and then down into the finishing field and a small jump which caught a lot of people out who weren’t happy being airborne. Practice in the morning and race in the afternoon was easily do-able especially as I had raced here last year in a UK round and much of the tracks were the same, Mike had done a lap on Saturday so we were ready and prepped. Results wise Mike came 15th/61 and James was 15/57 in Masters.

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