The Club is targeting a few commercial events during the year, and would like to get as big a group of riders as possible to attend. We’ll take along the Club gazebos and make each event a big ‘Club day out’.

These events are open to riders of all abilities – race in your age category or just pootle along as a ‘Fun’ category racer. This is probably the event that MB Swindon has the biggest presence at every year.

The event features an 8 hour event and, mixed in with that, two 4 hour events. This should give everybody lots of options to bring the season to a fun-packed end. It is also just a one-day event so that we can all concentrate on the riding followed by a well-deserved finishing party.

All events can be ridden as solo entries, pairs or teams of 3 – 4 riders.

Find out what last year’s event was like:

Ride Report: Oktoberfest 2014

Ashton Court, Bristol
8th October 2016

2 thoughts on “Oktoberfest”

  1. Its my first time going to events. So wanted to ask you a question about where the actual event will take place. Plus can I just turn up and sign up or have to do it online.

  2. Hi

    Closer to the event we will be entering MBSwindon teams. We will put the details up on this page then.

    You do need to enter and pay for this event before you can take part.

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