Ladies maintenance evening at Hargroves

Update from Debbie on the plans for the evening:

Ladies, just an update and a little more info before Friday evening.

You don’t need to bring your bike, I shall be┬ásupplying one road and one mountain bike for you to work with and some spare wheels to practice tyre changes on.

If you have a small bike tool kit that you put in your backpack etc feel free to bring it with you for Mark to advise on, if there are things you should or needn’t carry.

Remember to bring your MB Swindon membership card with you for your club discount should you wish to buy anything on the night.

Kat, our Club / Membership secretary, will be attending. So if any of you would like to join on the night, she will be able to guide you through the process and you will be able to take advantage of the discount straight away. You can join the club in advance by using the Join Club page of the website, in the notes section make sure you let us know that you will be attending this event so we can make sure your card is ready for you.

One last thing, Mark and his team have put this event on for us for free.

Each year Hargroves gets involved in fundraising for a charity, the details of this years are below. I would love it if we might be able to help with this in a small way at the end of our evening and would ask if you might consider donating a pound or two towards their goal.



Hargroves Cycles Swindon will be holding a ladies only maintenance session from 6pm on Friday 11 March 2016 .

We will cover all of the on-the-trail basics as well as what to look for when cleaning and just some handy tips. We expect this session to last approx 2 hours.
Mark Sealey – Hargroves Swindon Manager

Debbie Davies – MB Swindon Ladies Office, has kindly organised this event for female MB Swindon members and says:

To any ladies that would like to join I shall be bringing my bike so there is one you can use to practice on too . Don’t despair if you cant change a tyre or repair an inner tube , this will sort things out for you.
Debbie Davies – MB Swindon Ladies Officer

She goes on to explain further about the idea behind the evening:

It will be very basic trail maintenance, something to give people confidence to ride on their own and not worry about getting a puncture etc, Hargroves sometimes hold excellent more in depth courses too for the more adventurous tinkerer!
Debbie Davies

If you are interested in attending please show your interest on the MB Swindon Events page post so that Mark and Debbie have an idea of how many to expect.

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