Good Friday Ridgeway Ride (Relaxed Pace)

Nigel Gregson will be leading this Good Friday ride from Foxhill car park along the ridgeway and across the Lambourn Downs. In total the ride will be some 22 miles.

The ride will be at a fairly relaxed pace and an ideal “next step” for people that have done some of our Novice Friendly rides, but looking to improve on the ride length.

Meet at 10am for a 10:15am start.


5 thoughts on “Good Friday Ridgeway Ride (Relaxed Pace)”

  1. Someone asked me about suitability of the ride on Friday, thought I’d share my answer here:

    It’s 22 miles with quite a few hills. It’s generally very muddy up there at the moment and this route is usually more muddy than most, so the going is likely to be hard work at times. However, we’ve said it’s a relaxed pace so no-one is going to go racing.

    So what I’d recommend is if you can comfortably do a 22 mile ride in the dry then come along. If you can’t do (or haven’t done) a 22 mile ride before, then it’s probably one to miss.

  2. Hi

    I am not a member but would like to join you.

    See you there.

    Lets hope it warms up a bit!


  3. See our shops page, they should all have a selection in stock, and most give a discount to paid up members.

    I’d favour well fitting & comfortable over price. Doesn’t mean you have to spend loads, just shop around till you find the right one.

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