Enduro1 Gravity Enduro – Rd 1 Great Woods


Words by Captain James Scott

Team of James, Mike, Pete and Jason. Dion raced as an individual.

The first outing for the Gravity Enduro riders was definitely a muddy and scary one, 5 stages held over 30km and although the weather on the day was spot on the ground conditions were less than perfect. Lots of spills and a nice wakeup call after the lack of off-road riding from the winter. The team chase was brilliant fun with a lot of banter being shouted between riders and I was happy to have a mechanic on the team after one crash detached the brake lever leaving me with one brake for half a run.

The team of 4 came 2nd out of 3 teams sitting happily between the two. Dion went solo in the Vets category and loved every second of his most hated ground conditions – lots of wet roots and mud! He came 80th/116 and 15th/20 Vets. Think everyone had something to take away from this race, be it staying rubber side up or spending more time in the gym.

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